Clay has been hosting trivia throughout Sydney since 2013 and has hosted over 400 trivia nights at 15 different venues. He loves trivia (but is no good at Geography, History, or Sport!) and will dress up for a theme trivia if he has to.

Favourite Music: The Beatles, Nirvana, You Am I

Favourite TV: Seinfeld, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Stranger Things

Favourite Movies: Back to the Future, Office Space, Ghost World, The Big Lebowski


Amy is an ex professional ballerina performing all over Europe and America in her teens and early adulthood. She has her Solo Seal Award from the Royal Academy of Dance and holds a Bachelor of Performance from AADA/AIM. She is an actor, singer and creator and has performed all around Australia with children’s productions and plays, she can also be seen sometimes as a Disney Princess at children’s birthdays parties and as a ballet teacher. Her hobbies include ten pin bowling, cooking and watching movies.

Favourite Music: ABBA, Barbra Streisand, Michael Bublé

Favourite TV: Friends, Downton Abbey, Poldark

Favourite Movies: Gone With the Wind, 2 Days in Paris, Enchanted


Jack is new to Trivia hosting but is a tried hand on the microphone hosting meat raffles every Friday in Maroubra. Touted as the one trivia friend that knows a little about everything he is bound to come up with the answer to the most obscure questions. He has just returned from 2 years overseas travel so his geography should be up top scratch.

Favourite Music: Tool, Metallica, Adele

Favourite TV: The Wire, Sopranos, Lost

Favourite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now, American Psycho, Goodfellas


Miles is a voice artist, actor, and public speaker who hosts general trivia at a variety of venues around East Sydney. He enjoys doing corporate events and themed trivia too.

Favourite Music: Dave Matthew’s Band, Alice in Chains, Deftones

Favourite TV: Californication, The Sopranos, Mad Men

Favourite Movies: Empire Records, Clerks, The Prestige


Zac is new to the trivia game. Always keen to be a bit different, his personality is as eclectic as his taste in music and TV. Dedicating much of his adulthood to the study of kung fu, Zac has also dabbled in songwriting singing and playing piano. Never afraid to stand up and stand out in a crowd, he can often be seen driving around Sydney  in his pride and joy, classic (and pink!) 1962 VW beetle, which he aptly christened with the moniker, “Floyd.”
A loud and proud pro-wrestling fanatic, he’s always up for a laugh, and has an oddly striking memory for random television quotes (which he says in his best voice impersonations he can pull off). Zac is keen to have some fun with trivia events, and hopes that you do to.
Favorite Music: Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra
Favourite TV: The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Breaking Bad
Favorite Movies: Pretty much everything with Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood or Al Pacino


Think you would enjoying hosting trivia? It does wonders for your public speaking ability (even if you have none at present!). Contact Clay by emailing him at [email protected]